Time to Ratchet Up the Social Distancing

We’ve already mentioned the fact that very few people here are wearing masks. Latest example being employees at Home Depot! Crazy stupid!! We are also seeing large crowds in bars and restaurants.

The virus has not gone away.

Two weeks from now, let’s check in and see what the numbers look like in South Carolina and Florida. Based on the behaviors that we are seeing I suspect we will be talking about a significant spike in Coronavirus cases.

Unfortunately, two weeks from now is also the time that I will be driving Deb down to Florida to help out her sister and brother-in-law. They will be dealing with a health related issue and she needs to be certain that she is healthy. Actually, I guess we both do.

We’ve been good, but we need to be even better.


  1. WTF? Did you actually take that photo where you are? Here in NZ as of yesterday we are allowed gatherings up to 100 people. This a.m. they monitored entry into the farmer’s market. I feel lucky to be “stuck” in a country with a big moat around it and a PM who pays attention but I worry for friends and family in other places. So glad you are being diligent. You guys take care.


  2. Went to the Lowe’s in Mount Pleasant today. Much better use of masks, social distancing and sanitation/wipe downs. Probably cheaper than Home Depot too. 😄😄

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