Morpheus – Antigua to Charleston – May 14, 2020


Miles Traveled: 1084nm
Miles To Go (to Charleston): 296nm
Day #1 = 173nm
Day #2 = 192nm
Day #3 = 180nm
Day #4 = 163nm
Day #5 = 210nm (all under double reefed main/no jib)

ETA = late night on the 16th

Heading: 230m
Average Speed: 7.60 knots

Fastest Speed so Far (Autopilot Assisted): Deb with 15.1 knots Fastest Speed so Far (Hand Steering): N/A

* Antigua = 26
* Charleston = 482++ ??


When we last left you we were broad reaching happily through the sunny Caribbean sea with about 18 knots of wind. Much has happened since then.

The next day (Day 4?) the wind clocked and we had to split the day 50% on port gybe and 50% on starboard. We were not going where we wanted (exactly), but the sailing was still enjoyable.

Day 5 was our transition day where we left the dependable Caribbean trade winds behind and had to cross into the northern weather systems. Our transition was “exciting”, as we had a few hours motoring in light air before a sudden 180 degree wind shift (south to north) and a quick build to 25-30 knots. Higher winds in squalls which we had to deal with one after another for about 50 miles of sailing.

Day 5 was also our speed day. 210nm in 24 hours. Not bad for a fully loaded cruising machine with only a double reefed main pushing us along.

After not seeing a cloudy day since last December, we’ve now seen three in a row. I like the Caribbean weather better!

Today is Day 6. Sort of a continuation of Day 5 without the squalls and a bit less wind. We are coming up on our 24 hour mark and I expect to see about 195nm for this day.

With luck tomorrow will be our last full day at sea for a while. We expect to wave to Christopher in Jacksonville, Fl. from about 110nm offshore tomorrow morning and arrive off Charleston sometime around midnight unless we put the brakes on. Will have to see what the weather looks like before we even consider entering the harbor in the dark.

That’s about it. All onboard are comfortable and happy. 2hrs on, 4hrs off, 2hrs on, 4hrs off, 2hrs on, 4hrs off. It just becomes routine…


  1. It looks like you’ll be coming in during the wee hours of the 16th at your current speed. Slack Before ebb tide is 04:19 on the morning Of the 16th. I’d be happy to set an alarm to wake up to catch lines If need be. Let me know if there’s anything I can do on this end.

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