Morpheus – Antigua to Charleston – May 2020


Miles Traveled: 365nm
Day #1 = 173nm
Day #2 = 192nm
Miles To Go (to Charleston): 997nm
ETA = late night on the 16th

Heading: 230m
Average Speed: 8.60 knots

Fastest Speed so Far (Autopilot Assisted): Kim with 14 knots Fastest Speed so Far (Hand Steering): N/A

* Antigua = 26
* Charleston = 482


We hear from Bounty that the day after we left Barbuda, five new boats came and anchored. Some may have been chased off by the coast guard, not sure. However, it is clear that our little bubble of safety began to disappear so I am feeling a bit better about leaving.

I’m also more and more sure that we have picked a good weather window for this sail. (Deb will say that I’m jinxing us.)
48 hours into this passage and we are falling into the normal routines. Two hours on, Four hours off, Repeat.
So far, it’s been champagne sailing. Broad reaching under Jib and Main in 15-20 knots of wind. Kind of perfect.

The forecast has been consistent over the past four days and across four different models. It looks like the downwind sailing will continue for another 24 hours, followed by a gybe to the Southeast tomorrow (noon?), and then a day or two back on starboard gybe close reaching in about 20 knots.

It’s lonely out here. No other private vessels, no cruise ships, and very few commercial ships.


  1. Looks like you did pick a great weather window. Front Tuesday afternoon with veering NE wind and starboard tack all the way in from there. I assume you do not get your normal email while at sea. Do you have an at sea email address?

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    1. Sorry Mark. I was trying to send you our onboard email while passing St Martin. I guess I lost cell coverage before it got sent. You probably got that info yesterday! A bit late.

      It really was a great trip!


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