How to follow along

In addition to the Spot tracker that we always use, when we have long passages we turn on our Delorme Tracking device. This tracker updates our position every ten minutes!

If you’d like to check on our progress, go to our blog page and click on the link “Sailing North – May 2020”. The page that opens has the link to our upgraded tracking page.

It’s much better than the Spot Tracking page.

AND, once you open the tracking page you can click on the message button on the left side and send us a text message!! We like to hear from folks along the way so please do!


  1. According to the tracker you left Barbuda this morning and are now at Falmouth Harbor on Antigua. The tracker must be working 🙂

    Have a safe trip, fair winds and following seas!


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  2. Jim…Send me the polars that you are using so I can follow along. Have a safe and good trip.


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