Barbuda Day #22


Covid-19 cases in Antigua/Barbuda remain at 19

We’ve been told once again that none of those cases are on the island of Barbuda. We like that!

We’ve also heard that none of the active cases are the result of community transmission.

The government extended the “lock down” until at least April 16. The fear of large gatherings over Easter weekend was at least partially responsible for this.

The quarantine rules were restated again very strongly. You can only leave your home/boat between 7am and 12 noon. And only for essentials like groceries.

Also, anytime you leave your home you must wear a mask.

Lucky for us, Antigua and Barbuda, while under the same government, are not as united as you might think. In fact, Barbuda doesn’t seem to like Antigua very much.

See my previous post Protect Barbuda. Barbuda does not appreciate Antigua’s attempts to sell off property to developers.

So the reality of these rules for those of us on boats here is a bit more flexible. All 16 boats have been here for over two weeks. There is no local presence in this area of the island other than guards at the resort and one local beach bar owner who has become the provisioning provider for the anchorage. We seem to be free to wander the beach, swim, snorkel, etc. This clearly is not possible in Antigua or most of the other Caribbean islands.

We are in a very good spot!


  • Deb and Kim have spent much of the past few days coming up with a plan to restock our wine/beer stores. The plan involves credit cards which is great since we are running out of cash (dollars, euros and Eastern Caribbean dollars). It also involves Antigua, a ferry ⛴, a local pickup, and beach side delivery’s. Today is the big day. I asked Deb to write about it. Will let you know tomorrow if cold beer is back on the menu!
  • Lots of time spent flying my drone and learning about its various custom flight modes. It has some amazing options. I had it automatically following Pete yesterday as he was kiting.
  • Some time figuring out a way to quickly edit the massive video files recorded while flying the drone.


  • Well, the drone project was entertaining.
  • I couldn’t talk anyone into going snorkeling.

Records Set!

  • Kim made it all the way to 4pm before changing out of her PJs!
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