Barbuda Day #20


No new Covid-19 cases on Antigua/Barbuda! Holding steady at 15.

No new regulations

Down to 17 boats here. No new arrivals and three (3) boats left the anchorage heading for Antigua and fresh supplies. Once you leave Barbuda you can’t come back so I’m glad we are in good shape.

I’ve asked Deb to write a post describing how she is keeping us supplied with fresh food. So, far she has been far too busy. Can’t understand why I’m so bored?

Critical Issues

  • Island stores out of wine. This is having a negative effect on my crews’ morale.
  • Down to two remaining bottles of wine on-board. I’ve not actually seen them, I suspect there is some hoarding going on here.
  • Less than six beers
  • Half a bottle of rum!
  • See Deb’s (future) post regarding our creative solution to this issue.


  • I topped up the pressure in the dinghy. Does that count??
  • Hey, I forgot to mention that I flipped the dinghy over a few days ago and scrubbed the bottom. That was fun.


  • Kim and I went for a 2-3 mile walk on the beach
  • Meatloaf for dinner!


  1. Jim,
    We’re doing a little better than you with alcohol, we have 3 bottles of wine, 9 beers and a 1/2 of tequila and a 1/2 bottle of rum. A biggest problem is we’re anchored in Suva Bay sitting out a cyclone. So far the winds have stayed below 50kts, but the main part of the storm hasn’t gotten to us yet. We would gladly trade some alcohol for some gentle breezes and sunshine.

    John & Diane
    S/V Tabu Soro


  2. Soulmates is all dressed up with no where to go. Botton paint touched up, prop and shaft re-coated with PropSpeed, rudder totally repainted, shaft zincs replaced, new mainsheet, traveler control lines and runner tails installed, auto pilot ram re-installed, mast jack hydraulic cylinder reinstalled after being rebuilt, new engine access panel created, diesel tank cleaned, new gaskets for fuel tank inspection ports made… but all yard staff are on furlough. No way to get the boat back into the water. Hoping to splash in the next few weeks. BTW, wine stores down the street are still well stocked. All in all, being on the wagon off of a white sand beach sounds like fine way to balance the scales of life.

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