What Next?

March 20, 2020

So, now here we are.

Antigua/Barbuda have had exactly one case of Coronavirus and no new cases for at least 5 days. Barbuda feels like the edge of the world, so if there is a safe place this is it. Antigua is well supplied, which means that we are in good shape for food and TP!


  • Kim needs to get home sometime!
  • We need to leave the Caribbean by hurricane season.
  • Will we leave with the boat, or will we leave the boat?
  • Will the States let us back in? If so, will we be quarantined? For how long?
  • If we leave the boat where will we leave it?
  • We have an appointment to leave the boat in Grenada for early May. Do we want to keep it? (Update: Grenada has now closed its borders!)
  • Do we sail to the states and keep the boat in the Northeast for another Summer?
  • How will the Coronavirus problem evolve over the next few days, weeks, months?
  • If we leave the boat where will we live?
  • ???

We are open to suggestions!!


  1. Saw on Noonsite yesterday that Grenada has closed their borders….some marina closures as well in the states. How’s your fishing skills these days? Stay healthy!

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    1. I have a ton of fishing stuff onboard that basically never gets used. I also have a really big book that explains how to use most of what I have. So, when it comes to it, i think I will be able to figure it out. The problem is that I am really not a fan of eating fish. That may change….


  2. I know of a house in Amagansett NY that might be available….my parents are in Florida and it looks like they will not be home anytime soon…less than a half mile from Devon yacht club…let me know Daniel Fallon

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    1. Thanks Danny!! I have absolutely no idea how things will work out but appreciate you thinking of us. Will stay in touch!!


  3. To some folks, your predicament looks like fun- I’d like to join you but Anne would be very anxious. Stay safe & healthy, my friends.

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  4. Generally, I am pretty good at operating without a plan or with a very loose plan. I think this is because in the past, making changes was always an available alternative. Now, I have a friend on board that can’t get home, and a wife that is very nervous about hurricane season and family in a country that we may not be able to get back into.
    It’s the unknown that makes this interesting/challenging.


  5. Jim,
    Diane and I are having some of the same issues here in Fiji. We went out sailing among the local islands just over a week ago, then two days ago we found out that the part of the island where our home base marina is located is in lock down. This morning the news said that they had arrested a boat operator for moving two people out of the lock down area. Any how we have plenty of food, boarder line enough alcohol to stay out wandering for a few more weeks. Hopefully things will pass and get back to normal before to many months, most of the countries in the South Pacific are starting to close their boarders also. Good luck and we’ll catch up someday back at RYC.
    John Dinwiddie


    1. John – I wasn’t sure that you had actually managed to break free. Congrats!! Very glad to hear that you’ve made it all the way to Fiji. I hope given all that’s going on you can find a way to enjoy your time traveling. Fiji is amazing. Don’t rush!!


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