“We Invite You To Leave…”

Jim and I have been looking forward to spending the month of March with multiple groups of friends cruising the French Isle Saints off Guadeloupe. Good food, great bars and lots of cool shops. Well, as of last week, the only one who made it down and is now social distancing with us is our really good friend and delivery buddy Kim Comfort.

When we arrived here Sunday, we were told by the harbor police that the islands were going to close all the restaurants and shops on Tuesday. Uggg. Ok. We quickly went onshore and made dinner reservations for our favorite restaurant. Yum!

Sunday we went in and found out that everything was, in fact, closing on Sunday at midnight. Double Uggg! Kim and I quickly went and bought the Last Two Baguettes and a Slab of foie gras and then the 3 of us had one more great, yummy dinner.

Monday morning, other boating friends join us, we had a quiet day on the boat, trying to figure out what’s open where, and if and when airports and ferries are closing. Swimming, snorkeling, and getting stung by some UFOs.

Tuesday morning… Via the news on our phones and a couple cruising Facebook groups we’ve joined, we find out that we can not leave the boat unless we are going to the grocery store, pharmacy or a medical appointment, and we must complete a form, in French, to that effect. Then, the Harbor police come by and say, “We invite you to leave Isle Saints because the islands do not have medical facilities. Go to Guadeloupe, or better, Antigua.” Ok… so we left the main harbor to hang in a hook for the night around the corner and leave for Guadeloupe the next am. Harbor police come back and say, “Perhaps I did not explain myself correctly. The Mayor wants you to leave, now!”

So. We are off to Deshaies, Guadeloupe (Sp?) now and probably back to Antigua tomorrow.

All is well. We are healthy, happy and have plenty of food. We will see how this all plays out.


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