Three Days in Barbuda

Barbuda is a uniquely beautiful place, and one that is definitely worth the effort to get to.

After our first aborted attempt, we waited two days for the wind and seas to moderate.  The seas cooperated (a bit), but the wind that has been blowing 20+ knots for two weeks remained as strong as ever.

We left Green Island mid-morning fully prepared to pull another u-turn if the conditions were bad.  It was marginal but, we pushed on beam reaching across four hours worth of big seas and strong winds.  But once we made landfall all was forgotten.  No pain no gain!!


The days since have been full of walks on the beach


Visits to the one local beach bar  –  “Inoch’s Shackakai”


And of course, hours and hours of kitesurfing!!!


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  1. Inoch!!! That’s the guy we bought lobsters from last April, right? He built his bar! Oooh, suddenly I’m hungry and thirsty and desirous of luxurious, powered sugar beach….


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