Atlantic Crossing – Putting it all in one place!


After 5 seasons cruising the Mediterranean, it was time to begin the long journey home.  Deb and I sailed the boat out of the Med and down south to the Canary Islands in late October/early November.  Our Atlantic Crossing crew joined us on the island of Teneriffe.

The Crew


We were lucky to have lined up an all-star crew for this crossing.  This was a fun and talented group of sailors.  Additionally, each crewmember had previously sailed over 1,000 miles onboard Morpheus.

Jim Gregory/Debra Gregory – owners that have sailed Morpheus from NZ to Greece.

Mike Wallach – Delivery crew extraordinaire and trip historian!  Mike’s previous trips onboard Morpheus included Bora Bora to Hawaii, Hawaii to San Francisco, multiple trips North from Mexico to San Francisco, and an eastbound Atlantic Crossing.

Kim Comfort – lifelong sailor, lifelong friend, and boy can she cook!!  Kim helped us during our eastbound transit of the Panama Canal, a stormy Newport to Bermuda delivery, a record-setting Newport to Bermuda Race and our eastbound Atlantic Crossing.

Doug Jorgensen – fraternity brother, lifelong sailor.  He was there when we first launched Morpheus to help us with commissioning and sailing her North towards Auckland through a vicious storm (gusts to 56 knots).  He and his brother Tom also joined us for a great trip North from the BVI’s to Bermuda.

If You Only Look At One Thing…

Atlantic Crossing Video Summary

The Trip (as documented on this blog)

Eating and Drinking to Excess in Antigua
(not necessarily in that order)

Golf on the Island – Cedar Valley Golf Club

Land Ho!
MW Morpheus Log Day 15 -12/05 3:45 PM Antigua Time

Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind?
Morpheus Log Day 14 -12/04 6:30PM Ship Time (GMT)

Catch a Wave and You’re Standing On Top Of The World Redux
MW Morpheus Log Day 13 -12/03 6:00PM Ship Time (GMT)

Master Class
MW Morpheus Log Day 12 -12/02 811:30 PM Ship Time (GMT)

It’s called “Fishing” not “Catching”
MW Morpheus Log Day 11 -12/01 8:00 PM Ship Time (GMT)

Jump to the left, step to the right
MW Morpheus Log Day 10 -11/30 7:48 PM Ship Time (GMT)

Place Your Bets
MW Morpheus Log Day 9 -11/29 8:00 PM Ship Time (GMT)

Is the passage half empty or half full?
MW Morpheus Log Day 8 -11/28 5:50 PM Ship Time (GMT)

Take the Red Pill
MW Morpheus Log Day 7 -11/27 4:00 PM Ship Time

It’s Magic
MW Morpheus Log Day 6 -11/26 7:00 PM Ship Time

Three’s a Crowd
MW Morpheus Log Day 5 -11/25 6:00 PM Ship Time

There’s no place like drone
MW Morpheus Log Day 4 -11/24 4:00 PM Ship Time

Fishing Line Deployed – Wing and Wing Configuration
MW Morpheus Log Day 3 -11/23 4:00 PM Ship Time

Happy Thanksgiving!
MW Morpheus Log Day 2 -11/22 4:00 PM Ship Time

One Day In
MW Morpheus Log Day 1 – 11/21 3:00 PM Ship Time

On Our Way – The Adventure Begins

Passage Provisioning, Preparation, Packing And Nerves

Picking Up Where We Left Off – Touring a Volcanic Island

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