Quick Four Day Cruise

Deb and I invited Kim Comfort, Rocky Steves, and John & Kate Rowles to join us on a short cruise to Block Island and Shelter Island last week.

A good time was had by all but unfortunately, it was four days of little or no wind so we ended up motoring the entire way.

Block Island was the same as it always is which is part of its appeal.

On the something different side of things, we did find a great Rolling Stones cover band The Blushing Brides that night at Captain Nicks.  The amazing part was that Kate had told us the previous day about seeing the same band 25 years ago (at Captain Nicks!).  What were the odds of seeing them again at the same place on one of the few days that she’d been to Block Island since??


Our next stop was Shelter Island which sits at the end of Long Island between the North and South Forks. It’s a very friendly club on a really nice sleepy island which like Block Island has probably not changed much in the past 50 years.
Kim arranged for a car/driver and after a quick ferry ride from Shelter Island to Greenport we were off on a day of winery and brewery visits. We were really really lucky that day as the mini heatwave that we’d been dealing with broke and we were able to enjoy a perfect day with temps in the high 70’s and low humidity. A good day to be ashore…


Unfortunately, the next day we woke to an extended forecast that included high winds and severe thunderstorms so we pulled the plug on our plans to visit Stonington, CT and high tailed it back to Newport, RI.


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