Block Island Race Week – Arrival

I sailed Morpheus across from Newport to Block Island last weekend on a beautiful chamber of commerce day in advance of the start of Race Week. Unsurprisingly, everything looked just about like I left it in 2012, and not much different than when I first visited while cruising with my parents and siblings way back in 1974.

Block Island Race Week (held every other year) has been my favorite sailing event since the first one I did back in 1979.  The island never changes and that makes returning more and more of a sentimental journey with each regatta.  This was my 19th and we sailed the boat with longtime friends who had either invited me onboard their boats or sailed with me in previous BIRW’s.

Our plan was to keep the crew small, sail in the cruising division, and focus on having a great time regardless of the results.  Given the results, this was a good plan!  We had a great time, but it sure is difficult to get lifelong racers to dial back the competitive fires.

Here are some photos that I took that first day as I toured the island and celebrated my return.


  1. No picture of the Andiamo guy selling pastries by dingy in the morning!? I thought that was as much BIRW as the Mt. Gay party afterward. Great memories from 1987, glad you got to race/cruise Morpheus this time. –Joe


    1. The guy you remember was amazing. I think he turned the business over to his son. His son is out there every morning, but he doesn’t have half the personality of his father. Still, the family has grown their businesses to include bakeries, bike rentals, and ice cream shops. Pretty good ice cream too!!


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