Amazing Connection


Here’s a great story to show once and for all just how small the sailing world is!

In early May, just prior to our departure from St. Martin we brought Morpheus into a marina in the St. Martin lagoon in order to make our preparations for the trip North to Bermuda and the US East Coast.

On the afternoon of the first day at the dock, a nice guy (Tom Hester) walked up and asked a few questions about Morpheus.  He was very complimentary and really interested in the boats history, etc.  I was working on the bow at the time, we had a nice chat and then he was off to work on his own preparations for the same trip.

But, as he passed the back of the boat he noticed the name and came to a full stop.


Is this the same Morpheus that was in Tonga in 2002?

We raced against you!

Not only had he seen the boat, but he was on another boat that did a very casual fun Friday afternoon race put on by the local pub!!

How does that happen??  And, how great is it to make a connection like that 17 years later???


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