We’ve just wrapped up a couple of nice quiet days here in Anguilla.  Anguilla is an internally self-governing overseas territory of the United Kingdom.  We expected it to be similar to Antigua, but found that overall it is in much better condition.  Good roads, solid buildings and infrastructure all in much better shape than Antigua.

Anguilla is not often visited by cruisers as they have very restrictive and expensive regulations.  If you wish to visit more than the one main anchorage, you must purchase a cruising permit which costs $50-$100 dollars per day!!  We limited Morpheus to the main anchorage!!

Now it’s back to St. Martin to get serious about the next major leg of our journey.  We head North for Bermuda (800nm) on the 16th.  Crew begins to arrive on the 13th.  We’ve rented an airbnb for the crew to rest up in advance of our trip and will be pre-cooking and freezing our passage meals there as well.

A few pictures taken in Anguilla…

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  1. Maybe we’ll see you in Bermuda as Free Range Chicken is planning to do the Marion – Bermuda race next month!


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