Time To Head North

It’s amazing how quickly things change down here.  The end of April seems to be marked on everyone’s calendars as the time to head north.  Just a few weeks ago we were surrounded by mega yachts here in St. Martin.  Now, the big guys have pretty much left for Newport, RI or the Med, and we are sharing the anchorage with about 5 boats.

Deb correctly points out that we must have missed the memo.

We had a great visit with Joe and Michelle Hawkins late last month

And have spent the time since their departure working on every little thing that might be a problem as we sail north to Bermuda and then Newport mid May.  Lucky for us, at this point everything looks good.

As a reward for the prep work, we are going to take a quick trip over to Anguilla tomorrow for a last Caribbean cruising experience.

We’ve not been to Anguilla in the past because they are very restrictive when it comes to where you can and can not visit.  There is only one harbor approved for overnight anchorage and other harbors are only available for day trips and require an expensive cruising permit.

The net result of their policies is an island group that has remained unspoiled and beautiful.  I can’t wait to check it out!!

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