How much food can 5 people eat over 16-21 days….

I have a plan. It’s even written on paper. (I’m old school that way.) To get in the mood I even watched Julie & Julia last night! The food will be good, but no Beef Borgonione!

I know what I’m serving for each meal. I know which meals I’m pre cooking and freezing in the Air B&B each day. I have my shopping list sorted for each day. I woke up this morning dreaming about all the little things I need to do and figure out… “Don’t forget the garlic press. Do I have enough oatmeal? Does anyone take sugar in their coffee?” What am I forgetting????

Spain is a great country when it comes to food. Yesterday, I toured the local grocery stores and open air markets. They have most everything I need, even Worcestershire Sauce! This is a critical ingredient for my sister Whitney’ Beef Jerky! 2 lbs of flank steak is marinating in the fridge as I type. (My brothers and sisters are jealous right now.) The biggest problem with Beef Jerky is hiding it from Jim so it makes it to the start of the trip.

Other favorites will be appearing, like Tory Kane’s Tex Hash, Paula Tye’s awesome lasagna, and Jane Taylor’s Chicken Jambalaya. All easy 1 pot meals that freeze well. There’s also flexibility in the menu so if Mike W. catches a fish we can have sushi, but it would be best if Huey Nah were with us!

More to come.



  1. Oh yes. I feel your pain Deb! Not to worry, you can always make soup from gently simmering Jim’s Dubarry boots with onion! Favorite standby on Tivoli! Done right, the crew will never know!


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