Captain Ron Was Wrong!!

…and I am very unhappy!!

Captain Ron said, “If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen out there!”  That seemed to make sense when I heard it.

But now, for the second time, Morpheus has been hit while tied up “safely” at the dock!!

This afternoon, someone in a big heavy cruising boat tried to make an approach that looked bad from the beginning and thought his bow thruster would help him to make the turn so he could tie up next to us.

Unfortunately, when the bow thruster pushes the bow one way, the boat pivots around the keel and the stern goes the other way.

They backed right into our bow pulpit.  Smashed our (brand new) LED running lights and bent the pulpit (again!)

I say again, because 4 years ago the same damn thing happened to us while docked in St. Tropez.

Clearly, if its going to happen to Morpheus its going to happen at the dock!!

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  1. What a bummer. How off they must have been if there is a whole dock between Morpheus and where they were going to be.


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