Eight Years On A Boat!!

Way back in 2010, as Deb and I were getting ourselves, our family, our house, and our boat ready for the two of us to take off on an extended cruise, we were initially non committal regarding a departure date.

Finally, Deb put her foot down and said “I need a target date”.

Shortly thereafter, she declared that we were leaving on 10/10/10!!

For months we worked towards that date but ultimately we missed it.

By three days…

On 10/13/2010, we passed the Richmond Yacht Club breakwater at 10:13am.

13 has always been a lucky number for us.

Off we went on an adventure with a very loose “plan” and no firm timeframe.

Things haven’t changed much since.

But, it is worth noting today, on this anniversary date of our departure, that we rounded the SE corner of Spain and headed west on the first leg of a journey that will eventually bring us home!!

Plenty of miles, destinations, and adventure left between now and then.

Whenever “then” is…

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