Friends & Big Sailing Plans

We are currently sailing between several of the Greek Ionian Islands.  They are beautiful and seem to all have too many anchorages to count.  It’s really difficult to believe that we will be leaving them in just about a week.

We are enjoying our reunion with Paul and Amanda Mitchell whom we met in Fiji in 2002.  Paul and Amanda live in New Zealand and we’ve spent time with them there as well as here in Greece last year.  We always have a great time together.  This cruising world is a small one!!  It will be difficult to leave them next week…

However; we’ve  planned to meet our friends Torben and Judy Bentsen in Barcelona mid September for well over six months.  We both left the Richmond Yacht Club within months of one another in 2010, and we have run into them in both Mexico and the Caribbean.  Barcelona is next!!

PLUS, it’s time for the La Merce Festival!!!

Fireworks plays a major role in the Mercè Festival

So, in about one week, Deb and I will set off on what will be a bit more than a 1,000nm journey leaving Greece behind and heading towards a big party and some friends in Barcelona.  These trips never turn out the way you think, but here are our initial thoughts regarding our stops along the way.

All of this is of course weather dependent.  So, stand by and compare this to reality as we move forward!!



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