What makes Jim do the Happy Dance?

Fixing the solar panels so we are now charging at 10 amps at 4 pm!  WOOT!

(/) (\) (/) (\) (/) (\) (/) (\)

One night a  few weeks ago, one of our three solar panels decided to go walk about during a Meltemi wind.  So one of the things we were driving around Piraeus for last week was a replacement solar panel.  For one reason or another* the new panel was 25% larger than the old panel.  So, this meant we needed to get new zippers installed on the bimini.  After a few false starts* we finally found a great guy here in Poros who worked with Jim to install the zippers.

We are now up and running on our solar, charging better than we have in a few years.  Woot!  Gotta love Jim!  I’m taking him out to dinner as a reward!


* There’s more to this part of the story, but for marital harmony and brevity, we will edit…

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