Westward Ho!!

We left Olympic Marina again this morning. The big difference between this time and last is that we have no intention of returning.


The marina was great to us and we really need to say thank you to Pavlos Daglis, and Diane Remoundakis for the recommendation to look into the marina. There are many stories of folks with terrible experiences leaving their boats.  It was really nice to have the advice of “locals” to keep us out of trouble!  The Olympic Marina was a home run for us.

So now we head West. This is a first for us and for Morpheus as all of of adventures began in New Zealand and we have been more or less traveling East ever since.

While this is the beginning of our trip home, it is not going to be a fast one!

We will be visiting Montenegro and Croatia over the next couple of months, then it’s back to Spain for some more time in Barcelona, and Seville.

Finally late this year we are beginning to plan a crossing back to the Caribbean where I would expect the boat to become “stuck” for a couple more winters.

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