Deb in Turkey – Another 2,000 steps

Today was spent checking out the Ephesus Museum, St. John’s Basillica, a sports stadium that is just beginning to be excavated, and another roman city that is just being uncovered.  I am so lucky to have Caroline as a tour guide and Chris as a driver!

Sarcophagus found in Ephesus.  Amazingly ornate!

The stadium that’s just beginning to be uncovered.  It’s in the middle of a fig grove. We were the only ones here.

Priene.  They are just beginning to open this site.  There are more Roman ruins in Turkey than anywhere else in the world.  You’ll be driving along, when suddenlylw

huge ruins will loom up.  Amazing.

 Our dinner spot.  We were also scouting anchorages for next year.   A model of St John’s Basillica and what it looks like today.  If still intact, it would be the 7th largest in the world.
On my way back to Greece today.

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