Deb in Turkey – 1,000 stairs with a bum ankle!

I successfully  met up with Chris and Caroline in the Izmir airport yesterday, rented a car, and drove to Sirince, which is a very old town clinging to a cliff side near Ephesus.  My friend Caroline is a great organizer, so she has found us the cutest old “converted barn” to stay in for the next 3 days.  (Apparently, the donkey ran away, so they tore down the barn and built the cottage.)

Chris is a wonderful driver, and thank god for that. We had to drive up steep cobble roads, through the town market, folding in the side mirrors so we didn’t take out the fruit display of Pomogranets.  Then, walk up a bunch of stairs to be greeted by our hosts, Omer and Charlote, with homemade Elderberry wine.  It smelled just fine, and tasted delicious!  Then up more stairs to our cottage.  

Today is Ephesus.  More later…

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