This is potentially out last stop in Sicily this year.  

 Taormina was initially founded sometime during or just prior to the third century BC. It’s hard to wrap your head around just how old that is!

Since the early 1800s it has been Italy’s most popular vacation destination. It’s easy to see why that might be true. The beaches are beautiful and the view from the harbor looking up at town is stunning. 

What the photos don’t show you is what this place looks like in July/August when the tourists invade and the temperatures soar!
  Deb and I didn’t even think about exploring until about 7pm last night. That was a good call, but even then everything was a bit of a challenge. 

Morpheus from the town plaza
They built this town up on the hill for a reason!  They wanted to be protected from invaders from the sea. Well, even today that objective remains successful. 

  We left the boat at seven and by the time we found our way to town it was 830pm. 

We walked through town still crowded with far too many people, listened to some street musicians, found a nice little pasta restaurant with a patio overlooking the sea, and generally enjoyed the visit. 

Today is a day of boat prep and shopping. 

you dont find pasta shelves like this at home!
The weather looks good and we are anxious to head over to Greece. It’s a journey of approximately 225nm so don’t worry if we drop out of communications for a bit!!

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