Straits of Messina

We just passed through the Straits of Messina. 

I am happy to say that yesterdays rudder bearing repair appears to be doing fine. 

But, we did manage to have a bit of excitement right as we entered the straits. With a whopping three knots of current taking us sideways, our good friend Murphy paid us a visit. Of course he did since this was one of those times when you’d absolutely prefer that he stayed away. 

Our instrument system decided to recycle itself (no idea why). Normally this would be no big deal.  It was a clear day and we were motoring. Just grab the wheel and point her where it’s safe. 

The problem is that the straits have a traffic control system in place that is strictly/fanatically enforced. Between the current and the instrument glitch we came very very close! (See photo above)  Had we entered the wrong area, which was very very nearby we could be fined 2,000 euros!!  

We did fine, but there was a bit of stress onboard for a minute or so!!

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