Calm before the storm

New York city is very quiet right now. The subways are shut down, stores are closed, school and work has been cancelled. Everyone seems to just be waiting for the storm to hit. As of right now its only lightly raining and the wind is starting to pick up but when I went for a run by the east river this morning the storm surge was already coming over the breakwater and flooding some of the piers and running paths. I’ll keep you all updated as the storm picks up.

– Patrick (Guest Blogger!)

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  1. Meanwhile, 70+ miles east of NYC, here in Southbury, CT, conditions are still fairly benign, by hurricane standards. Breeze is up in the high 20's and a lot of moisture in the air, but not really raining yet. All that will change in the next few hours, as we expect heavy rain and winds in the 40-50 mph range. Basically similar to Irene, last year, which we rode out safely. Gasoline generator is in the garage, ready for deployment if necessary, mostly to keep the fridge running and charge phones & computers. Plenty of gasoline to run for 2-3 days. Laser safely stowed in the garage, as well. Waitin' and seein' now.


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