All Good Here in Bermuda

We had some pretty strong winds last night, but nothing higher than about 35 knots where the boat is moored.  Still seeing 30 knots as I type, but things are definitely trending down here.

Now our attention shifts for the most part towards friends and family on the East Coast.

Our son Patrick remains in NYC.  Most likely dealing with a bit of a hangover after celebrating the Giants victory in the Worlds Series!!  Maybe we can get him to do some guest blogging here for us!!

Hurricane Sandy is a real problem for the Northeast

  • It is intensifying as it approaches land.  Winds are 85 sustained and were forecast to be 75.
  • Its pressure is 944mb, which is lower than the infamous hurricane of 1938
  • It is the second largest hurricane ever by size (tropical storm winds span 900+ miles)

Flooding seems to be the biggest issue and is our major concern for Patrick.

Maps Show Quarter Million New Yorkers Reside Below Potential Storm Surge Level
This map shows lower Manhattan, parts of New Jersey, and Brooklyn. The blue area identifies the land zone within five vertical feet of the average high tide line, toward the upper end of the range of surge heights NOAA is predicting for the immediate area. Based on 2010 Census information and Climate Central’s map analysis, almost a quarter million (233,000) people live in this zone for all of New York City. That’s 28 percent (65,000 people) more than live within the four-foot zone — the line we would be talking about if the sea hadn’t risen a foot over the last hundred years. About two-thirds of that rise appears to come from global warming.

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