It’s moving day!

We’ve been anchored off Simpson Bay, St. Martin now for over a week.
St. Martin is the best place in the Caribbean for re-provisioning and repairs. We’ve done plenty of both.

  • Purchased and installed a new compressor for the refrigeration system.
  • Purchased and installed new thermocouples for the burners on the stove.
  • Had a new bracket machined to attach the boomvang to the mast.
  • Had some misc. canvas work done.
  • New windscoops
  • Traced water leak and replaced faulty plumbing fitting
  • Repaired leak in water maker system
  • Etc.

We are not the only ones here for these reasons.
The boat show here is better than anything you could ever buy a ticket to. Most of the super yachts like to go to the marinas inside the Simpson Bay Lagoon and to do so they need to pass through a narrow drawbridge that opens twice a day.

150+ ft of beauty!
From the YC Deck.  Bridge on left.  Bow of HUGE yacht just beginning to enter the lagoon!

Deb and I have enjoyed watching the parade, either from the Morpheus just outside the lagoon, or better still from the St. Martin Yacht Club which is 10 feet inside the bridge and just to the right. Amazing!
Anyway, we are off to the other side of the island today. Morpheus and Deb are going to hang out at Captain Olivers Marina in Oyster Pond for the next week while I make a quick trip home.
When I return my sister Kathleen will be here visiting with her husband Scott and son Michael. A few days after she leaves my high school friend Lisa Faller and her husband Andy show up for 10 days!!
It’s going to be a busy month….
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