Small World Stories

You might assume that we are on our own with no familiar faces to keep us company down here. But, every once in a while we run into friends and those meetings are highlights for sure!!
This has been a week for small world stories….
1) about a week ago as we were coming into our favorite dinghy dock, we looked up to see our friend Rob Miles from Newport, RI waiting to take our bow line!!  Great surprise. Rob is here after delivering a 62ft cat from Newport. 
2) Karl Spiker – Karl occasionally works as a boat captain on Gibb Kane’s Mutiny. I have sailed with him several times and knew that he lived in St, Martin. I was out kitesurfing off Orient Beach a few days ago, and someone came sailing by on a laser. I had to look a few times to be sure, but it was Karl!!  There’s a random encounter for you. 
3) Tim and Ashley McKeegan – I worked with both of them at Oracle and with Tim at Commerce One.   They were passing through St Martin on the way to Anguilla early this week. Deb and I managed to greet them at the airport and have a drink with them before they caught their boat off to Anguilla.  Had things go e a bit better, we would have sailed over to join them for a day, but I just finished a three day emergency refridgeration 
repair that kept us tied to stores and repair staff. 
St Martin’s Heineken cup regatta is just around the corner, with any luck we will be seeing more friends soon!!!!
Jim Gregory 

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