Land Ho!

Deb Here:

I am finally warm. Sweating in fact. No ports open since we are still in a swell, so every time we open a port, we get a deluge through it. It is VERY stinky below.

The seas have been confused the whole way. Yucko. Most of them were from the North due to TS Sean, but then we'd get a east to west wave caused by the new wind. I wanted to call the Maytag Repair Man to fix this washing machine cycle. This goes down as a delivery, not a passage. No sea sickness, but definitely a yucky ride. I have a great bruise on the outside of my calf just below my knee where I fell out of bed with a cross wise wave!

Our crew has been great, but I don't think they will ever do 5 days again. I think they were ready to get off at 3. But no complaints, awake for every watch, and positive attitudes the whole time. Not frightend or freaked out. Kevin was a huge help in a couple of situations where more muscle was required. Megan has a great “WooHoo” when we catch a big wave. We just sighted Anguilla, and we are all very happy. Moving beers into the refrig for celebratory arrival drinks. All good here.

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  1. Glad to here from you again! Hello to all on board. It sounds like quite an adventure. My kids are always ready to take on a new experience. You can always count on both Kevin & Meghan when you need help. Of course Meg would enjoy riding those waves! That's my rollercoaster girl!


  2. Hello from autumnal Rhode Island! Enjoy the sea & sun. Our temperatures are dropping. The snow that was predicted for last night didn't materialize. It's waiting for anyone returning north! I hope it doesn't scare you away. We hope to hear from Meg & Kev soon. The animals are splendid, just missing you,as we are.


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