Southbound and Moving Well

Greetings! I've just realized that we've been off from Bermuda for 51 hours and this is my first update to the blog. Sorry about the lack of information, but overall there is not much to say.

We left Bermuda in a 15 knot NE wind which soon built to 20 knots. We've been sailing in that very same wind ever since. I think we navigated around three buoys to leave Bermuda safely behind during the first hour following departure. After that third buoy we set a course directly for St. Martin and other than some small course adjustments that's been the story.

20 knots just aft of the beam, hang on and go!!

We have been sailing with less sail up than normal in an effort to keep the boat more comfortable for our rookie guests Kevin and Kim from Newport. This is the first time that they have been farther offshore than Block Island! I'm not sure that reality is matching up very well with their imagination. But, they are serious troopers that seem to be able to deal with whatever comes their way. (For instance, they spent a week with us in Bermuda during all those storms when they thought they were flying in for an immediate departure!)

Anyway, our progress may be a bit slow, but all aboard are doing well, and we should arrive Thursday perhaps around noon.

The auto pilot repair was my big concern leaving Bermuda and I am happy to say that at this point all seems solid. (This is another good reason to back off on the throttle, until we are comfortable with it's performance.)

Will try to provide a couple more updates. The winds are forecast to remain the same, so let's hope there is not much to report!!!


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  1. Our regards to all on board. We wish you smooth sailing on you continue your journey. Hi to Kim, a true sailor like you & Deb. A special hello to Meg & Kevin.
    Pat & Jim


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