After four days of up to 35 knots of wind on the mooring, we are more than ready to leave the Northeast!
Now we just need a break in the weather to escape. Looks like Sunday may give us that opportunity. In the meantime here’s a quick overview of our work list to get ready. Most of these are done
Engine Service
Install jacklines on deck
Install lazy jack lines on mast/boom
Install solar controllers 
Install solar panels
Consult with weather routers
Shop for provisions
Test all lights and instruments
Test all epirbs
Check regs for arriving Bermuda
Mast check
Install Bimini
Park car and trailer for winter
Obtain health certs for dog
Fill fuel 
Fill water
Stow everything for sea
Extra lashing on lifelines
Check contents of ditch kit
Lots of stuff to keep us busy  and happy while we wait!
Jim Gregory 

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