One Year and Counting….

One year ago today, we left the turning basin at the Richmond Yacht Club on a beautiful morning, sailed under the Golden Gate into a wall of fog and turned left heading for warmer temperatures and hopes for plenty of exciting adventures on the way to the East Coast (and Block Island Race Week!!).
A year later, the time has flown by, but there have been so many highlights along the way.  It’s been fantastic, and the best part is we have no plans to stop!

Thank you Debbie!!  
I will continue to observe your golden rules…
    1. Keep Debbie Warm
    2. Don’t Race the House
    3. No Spinnakers Allowed  (we need to talk about this one.)
    Thank you also to everyone that has helped up along the way.
    Special thanks to:
    • Brother Bob, my Mother, our son Patrick, Kim Comfort, Bob & Lynn Branstad – thank you for transporting supplies and helping us make progress along the way!
    • Lyn & Peggy Comfort, Kim Comfort, and Gibb & Tory Kane – you have offered your help, your homes, and most of your possessions to us during our stay here in the Northeast.  Much of what we’ve done this Summer would not have been possible without your help.  It certainly would not have been as much fun!  Thank you!!
    Looking ahead, we plan to leave Newport for Bermuda very soon.  We’ll spend a week or so there and then push off for the Caribbean.  We should be able to find some trouble down there, before heading back up the East Coast in time to do the Bermuda Race next June!
    A summary of the first half of our trip follows below.  
    I’ll post a second half summary soon!
    Thanks for following along!

    -Jim and Deb

    San Francisco to Cabo San Lucas

    Puerto Vallarta to Costa Rica

    Costa Rica to Panama

    The Panama Canal

    The San Blas Islands

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