Re: How’s it coming with the main sail?


Plans change with the wind….

I will be there, but exactly how, I'm not sure. Here's the plan as of now…

We got the sail and headed straight for Florida. A piece of the rod rigging broke, so we had to go into Cuba for emergency repair. It's pretty cool, but as it wasn't on our planned route, we don't have cash to go out and play. Waaaa. But it is allowing Jim to go up the rig and do a McGiver repair to take us the last 90 miles to Key West.

We will be leaving here as soon as we get a weather window, which means we should be in Key West by the 20th-ish. Then Jim rents a car and goes to Miami to get a replacement piece. I think I stay in KW to guard the boat. Then we may move the boat north.

Soo, the long and the short of it is Yes, plan on meeting me somewhere in FL by car when you arrive. Check the blog for details. It's all there. I promise I'll post something too instead of just Jim.

PS Tell Dad I've finally gone somewhere he hasn't!!! HA!

Love you


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