Tied up in Marina Hemingway. Now what??

Well, we made it through the check in process.

First the doctor comes with rubber gloves (that scared me) and a facemask to make sure we were “ok”. Then agriculture to make sure we didn't bring the wrong food, then the harbor master, then immigration, then customs and finally we were free to tie up in our marina spot where we were greeted by no less than 7 people that wanted to pitch their services to us! Holy cow, I just need a nap!

But, a request first.

What should we go see in Havana?? We are six miles away from downtown. Have done no research on Cuba since we were not planning to visit and now here we are.

What are the don't miss things that we should not miss??

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  1. Havana Sights and Landmarks Guide, Cuba
    Travel Guides > Caribbean > Cuba > Havana Sights

    Havana is a beautiful city that has conserved its colonization period through its buildings while also mixing a bit of modern facilities.

    The city of Havana is eye catching and definitely worth at least a week of sightseeing in order to see just some of the exquisite buildings it has to offer.

    The Cuban Revolution was the largest event in Cuba during the 20th Century and perhaps since its creation. Therefore, a popular place to see is the Museum of the Revolution and the Capital Building where you will be able to learn about the events of this inspiring revolution as well as the famous people and heroes involved. Then take a stroll over to the Plaza de la Revolucion where you will see two of Cuba’s grand figures José Marti and Che Guevara as statues.

    Cuba is very well known for its cigars so visiting the cigar factory will probably be a huge highlight if you love their cigars. Even if you are not a fan, it is definitely worth going to check out. You can then go on over to the Havana Club Rum Factory where you can take a tour of their facility.

    Havana has many scenic parks and walkways that you can stroll through day and night. The Prado and the Malecon are very popular. They have a variety of cafes restaurants shops and local art venders. You will also experience some great views of the Havana Bay while walking along the Malecon.

    Even though the United States and Cuba have had very strained relations, John Lennon was able to break that barrier where a glass statue of him stands in the John Lennon Park. Since there is no need for a US embassy in Cuba, there is a US Special Interests Building where Cubans, who want Visas, can go

    The final stop in Havana should be at the Catedral de San Cristobal which is especially interesting to architects for various reasons. One reason is that it is the only baroque style buildings in Havana and it is not symmetrical. There is one tower of the building that exceeds the length of its “mirror” tower.

    There is a ton to see in Havana whether you want to brief yourself on Havana’s history from colonization to present day, see the various statues and parks or just to enjoy a walk in one of Cuba’s beautiful plazas while soaking in the beauty that surrounds you.


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