Pacific Cup ’08 – Cocktail Hour…

On a delivery, you always need something each day to look forward to. Each day, the good crew of Morpheus has had that thing that holds us through the day, that inspires us to continue to slog through the ocean, to keep our eyes open for ships, nets in the water, and floating glass balls. That thing is… COCKTAIL HOUR!!!!!!!

Each day about 5:00, Deb starts her chant, “Jim, is it cocktail Hour? Jim is it cocktail hour? Jim, is it cocktail hour?” We wake Scott up, purely for the social aspect of cocktail hour since he doesn’t drink, and we retire to various locations (How many locations are there on a 50 foot boat?) on the deck for an hour of totally random and spontaneous conversation… Today, it was mostly Star Trek and spin offs, specifically about the various female characters on the shows, and their (lack of) costumes. Oh, and of course, fish. We always talk about fish, fishing, lures, lack of heavy fishing line, hooking vrs catching, how close to the boat you need to get a fish before it constitutes a catch… OMG! In the high’s where we are motoring and no bow waves, we usually have cocktail hour on the foredeck, so we can watch for nets and garbage that we need to avoid. When the weather is worse, we all crowd under the dodger. Not that it offers any protection, since Scott got a wave right down the neck, and Deb got a lap full of a really cold wave, right after taking a shower and getting into her last pair of clean, really nice warm fuzzy sweats. *&YUYH&* But I digress…
Since Morpheus has historically been a dry boat on passages, cocktail hour caught the provisioning officer off guard. But, we did scrounge enough beer so that we could each have one Coors Light each day for most of the passage. Mike and Deb relished these beers, savoring the delicious “hiss” upon opening their daily beer. But the beer ran out. Horror. But, the provisioning officer came up with the goods and broke out the left over hard stuff from Hawaii. Since mixers were scarce, we had to improvise and come up with our own boat drinks. Jim’s clever way of making ice in a zip lock was critical to the success of the boat drink experiment. Mike’s “Morpheus Martini” of gin and Ginger Root was pretty much a flop, especially compared to the Rum and Pepsi Jim and Deb were enjoying. Rum, Pepsi and all sodas being gone today, Deb came up with “Pink Vodkas”! Vodka, ice and pink lemonade! Actually, very good. Since we are now out of Vodka, tomorrow we will try “Pink Gins”
Spirits are good upon the good ship Morpheus. See you all late Sunday!
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  1. That is the ugliest Aloha shirt I have ever seen. Why did this shirt not win the ugly aloha shirt contest?


  2. @anonExactly. I mean WTF????? You think it is easy to find a shirt like that? The simple fact is that the contest was rigged and I was excluded due to fear of competiton. I am still pissed about this.


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