Pacific Cup ’08 – A Bridge too Far???

80 miles from GGB
Deja Vu. I think I may have used that title before???
Anyway…good morning from Morpheus. Hopefully, the last good morning of this trip.
Over the past three days, I have held out hope of a mid afternoon arrival under the Golden Gate. That would be followed by a quick right hand turn into the StFYC where we could adjourn to the Grill Room for many arrival cocktails with friends and family and perhaps a short trip into the Marina District for dinner at one of my favorite local Italian restaurants.
Nice plan.
The only problem is that last night the wind shut off. Not like in the high where it shut off and left us with 5-6 knots. No this time we are talking less than 2.5 knots of wind. Plenty of hazy fog, and water like a mirror. The engine has been on, but our speed is not what we’d hoped for and now unfortunately we are looking at (what is becoming typical) an arrival time close to 11pm or more likely midnight.
So, have a drink for us this afternoon, and we’ll see how things develop. Forecasts do not include any winds that will change things for us.
Patrick – You may need to find some pizza and beer for us. I’m sure you can figure out how….

PS. Mike says he spotted a 2ft long shark a while ago, and we just saw an otter more than 80 miles from shore?
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