Bermuda Race – Wrap Up

Some final thoughts and a few last pictures
  • No matter how challenging, sailing with Gibb and Ted is always a pleasure.
  • Paul Cole NEVER complains!! He just gets very quiet…
  • I am going to appreciate every moment of the Pacific Cup!!!
  • Thank god for today’s high tech foul weather gear!
  • Fleece is the greatest invention ever.
  • Onboard thinking is often not as clear as pre-race analysis.
  • Best to share a firm pre race plan with the entire crew and then diverge from that plan only with very good reasons.
  • The search for the perfect skilled and compatible crew continues and is worth the effort!
  • Any boat going offshore should be able to heat water for coffee.
  • Swan 42 decks are too slippery by design or manufacture. Swan should fix!
  • Your boat captain or paid hands should work harder than others, while setting a positive example for the rest of the crew. Otherwise why are you paying them?
Rob – The race is over you don’t have to sleep there any more!
Rob can’t beleive how good a Dark & Stormy Tastes!!
The soft cooler pillow. Worth millions during the race!!
Mutiny definitely needs better pillows.

No problem, it was easy!!

My rail dream come true!
Hey! This was in that same dream!!!
Nice job on the post race accomodations Gibb!!
Wow!! People sure do wear some interesting clothes on the East Coast!!

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  1. <>Any boat going offshore should be able to heat water for coffee.<>An important thing to keep in mind when Morpheus is prepared for the return delivery. Consider backup coffee delivery systems.


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