Cabo to San Diego #4

March 14, 2007

Arrived in Turtle Bay (aprox 220 miles south of San Diego) last night at about 11pm. Dropped anchor without incident and after a quick beer to celebrate we were all sound asleep in no time.

The fuel dock “amigos” got to work at about 7am this morning, and we were #4 on their list. Other boats in the harbor included Pelegroso, Checkmate, Forteleza, Denali, and Valkyrie.

All went well and we took on 90 gallons from a collection of plastic jugs used to transport the fuel via Panga from the fuel dock to the boat at anchor.

After a quick chat on the radio with friends on Picante we were on our way. By the way, Picante is doing this right. They had stopped in the next harbor south of Turtle Bay hoping for fuel. Instead, they ended up chatting with the locals and were invited to dinner at a fisherman’s house!! Word was that the fish taco’s were great!

The rest of the morning and afternoon was more of the same. Sunshine, warm temps, and 6 to 12 knots of wind from the NW.

UNTIL…. Mid afternoon, when Mike decided to spout off about what a “challenging and difficult thing” this Baja Bash was. He decided that Rob and I were a couple of sub standard sailors if “this” was what we had warned him about prior to the trip. He did this while putting on more sunscreen and lazing around in his bathing suit!!

Predictably, the gods were not pleased and the perfect weather that we had enjoyed to date quickly went away. In its place we got, fog, big confused seas, winds shifting quickly back and forth between 285M and 320M, and velocity changes between 12 and 20 knots. Oh….did I mention no moon so total absolute darkness????

Needless to say, Rob and I are not pleased with Mike this morning (3/15) and he has be tasked with coming up with an appropriate sunset ceremony to beg forgiveness from the gods.

We can only hope that he is effective and that we will not have to put up with another night like last night!!!

– Jim/Rob (and Mike)

Crew Addendum: First understand that aboard the Morpheus we have a complement of exactly 3, a Captain, a First Mate, and a (singular/not plural) Crew. Do the math. The Captain neglects to mention in his log that while Picante was dining on fresh caught home cooked fish tacos, we also heard that the Alchemy crew was surfing and dining on fresh lobster picked in Santa Maria Bay. Morpheus Crew (singular/not plural), on the other hand, was denied shore leave in Turtle Bay, and refused permission to contact fishing boats to negotiate for fresh caught anything. On Morpheus the Officers prefer food that is pre-cooked, pre-packaged, and individually wrapped. Although, I must admit the peanut-butter tootsie-roll sandwiches were a unique taste experience, as long as one was careful not to eat the sticks. The Crew (singular/not plural) has now been charged with placating the gods for better weather during our last night at sea. The Crew (singular/not plural), is considering a ceremony befitting the date – The Ides of March – not unlike the sacrificial ceremony performed on the Senate floor in ancient Rome. The sun has returned, the seas are flat again, and since the Captain took offense at the Crew (singular not plural) sunbathing in his bathing suit, the Crew (singular not plural) will instead be sunbathing completely nude all afternoon and dreaming about those lobsters in Santa Maria Bay.

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