Cabo Race Report #7


Another challenging day out there. Wow! Can you believe what Lucky Dog did to everyone yesterday??? Was she way outside??

Last night was unbelievable. Around midnight we had a couple of watches where the wind would be 20 knots from the north one minute, and two minutes later we’d have 2.5 knots of wind from the north!?!? The wind actually shifted around through 360 degrees once in less than 20 minutes. Then it did it again in about an hour!! We were changing sails like crazy trying to keep up with everything until we finally just sailed with the main alone for about 30 minutes and at least were able to stay pointed right at the finish line.

The reports that we get in the morning tell us that this morning at 8am we were in 4th. We are an optimistic lot and by our calculations we are within an hour of first place in division??? Now with the wind filling in and a forecast that has 10 to 15 knots for the rest of the trip the distance that the leaders have between us becomes “shorter” in terms of time. We are pushing as hard as we can for every foot.

Played some great shifts today and put Adrenalin a good distance behind this afternoon. Lucky Dog is just off our beam to the west and we plan to stay close to her for the rest of the race in order to be sure she can’t put the hour and twenty minutes on us that she needs to beat us.

Food is running low, but that’s the way it should be. We are carrying very little to slow us down that we don’t need!!

Keep your fingers crossed….we need to finish by sunset tomorrow or once again may find ourselves floating around all night with no wind while the winners party in town!!

We are thirsty!!!


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