Cabo Race Report #6


Well, the half way party was a great success. We passed half way sometime last night and decided to hold off on any celebration until noon today. Things worked out perfectly and we once again had absolutely no wind at noon!!

So it was party time. (Thank you Debbie!)

On went the funny Mexican sombrero’s, we dropped the windseeker staysail, turned up the stereo, locked the wheel, and all moved to the bow where we enjoyed the bag of toys that Deb had put together for us and finished off the two can’s of beer from the bottom of the icebox, and a half bottle of rum!!

There were two boats within sight of us at the time and I’m guessing they were a bit confused about what the Morpheus gang was up to!!

To make the party even better, the wind finally decided to fill in amd we got back to sailing!! Best sailing of the trip, or maybe we’ve just had our perspective changed!! It’s nice to be moving again and the wind is in the 10 – 13 knot range. Locomotion took off into the big bay on our left (our weather info says that will be slow?), and Adrenalin has been reaching out to sea to our right. Now at sunset we see two other boats coming in towards us from offshore..could one of them be lightning??? Only you know!!!

Here’s hoping that the wind holds. Our goal is now to finish prior to sunset on the 8th??

We’ll need more wind that what we have now to pull that off!!


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