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  1. Hi Jim & Debbie,
    I read about your travels with interest in Latitude as we are headed east this coming season. One question for you: would you recommend the yard where you left Morpheus for the winter? Actually two questions: can they haul a 28′ wide catamaran?

    We’re in Brindisi heading up the Adriatic via Montenegro and Croatia next week. We’ll keep an eye out for you if you’re still in Greece later on this summer.


    Greg Dorland
    s/v Escapade


    1. Hi Greg,

      We left the boat at Olympic Marina in Lavrio, Greece. Aprox. 50 miles South of Athens. Very happy with our stay there. They were competent, timely, and reasonably priced. They can definitely haul a boat your size. I saw them put a very large cat (Santorini Tour Boat) in the water just as we were getting ready to go. info@olympicmarine.gr

      We are heading West to Montenegro and Croatia over the next couple of months so we’ll keep our eyes open for you as well.


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