Maine: Part 5

Well, it’s been just over a month in Maine and we’ve actually been surprised by how much we have enjoyed our time here.

Once you pass Portland, the environment changes dramatically. No more towering office buildings, amusement parks, flashing billboards, etc. Instead, it’s pine trees growing down to the waterline, along with beautiful homes scattered along the shore. Far more trees than homes!

It really does feel like an entirely different world up here. Yes, it’s slow. Not alot of “action” and excitement, but every once in a while its nice to just dial it back for a bit.

We have become very good at that!!

Rockland (8/25-26)

We dropped anchor in Rockland next to friends Paolo and Charlotte onboard their catamaran “Carlota’s Promise”. This was the second or third time that our paths had crossed this season and it’s always good to spend some time with them. This time they had recent newlyweds Norm and Tracy Davant onboard as guests and we all managed a good wander around town, a stop at the excellent local marine store, and a fine dinner at a local italian restaurant.

There was talk about continuing on together for a couple of stops along the way, but we really wanted to check out Tenants Harbor after visiting in the fog and they were looking to put a few miles behind them that day.

I’m sure we will find them again!!

(Update: That didn’t take long, we are now both in Newport, RI.)

Tenants Harbor (8/27)

What a difference a month makes. The last time we were in this harbor we motored in during some of the worst fog that I’ve ever traveled in. We literally, pulled in and picked up a random mooring when all we could see was the top of a few masts sticking up above the fog.

This time the weather was great. We went ashore for a long walk and ended up at the Granite Saloon for late afternoon beverages and a nice dinner.

Glad we returned!!

Boothbay (8/28)

Well, this day did not go according to plan. And yet, it was a good day none the less.

We had planned to sail out to Monhegan Island. I’ve heard about the island for many many years, but never managed to get to it. Once again, the weather was not favorable and we decided it best to leave it for another time.

Instead, it was back to Boothbay again. Boothbay is fine, but its a full on busy tourist destination and I don’t think we were really prepared for re-entry that night. So, we hopped in the dinghy and once again went “upriver” to a small local seafood restaurant “in the middle of nowhere”. Good call!!

Knubble Bay (8/29-9/1)

Knubble Bay is not on many cruising itinerary’s but it quickly became one of our favorite destinations. I think you can get an idea of its size by looking at the photos and during our 3+ day visit, we were the only non-local boat in the bay!!

Beautiful, unspoiled, quiet. An occasional seal or dolphin swimming by and a golden eagle or two flying by to check out our dog Travis!! Deb really didn’t like the idea of Travis as a meal for eagles, but other than that we really really liked it. Therefore, our extended stay.

Just for fun, everyonce in a while when I ran out of boat projects, we could hop in the dinghy for some fun riding the currents up river where if you caught the tides right there were huge swirling currents and mini waterfalls to play in as an increadible volume of water did its best to pass through a very narrow gap between the islands and mainland.

Robinhood Cove

Just around the corner from Knubble Cove was Robinhood Cove and marina. This was no farther than a 10 minute slow speed dinghy ride for us and yet here we found close to a hundred boats docked or on moorings. It was a nice marina and looked capable of being able to help you with most repairs, but we just couldn’t figure out why some many boats were here and none with us in just as nice a place.

I guess this is the same mystery as wondering why when you anchor in a totally empty harbor the next boat that comes in inevitably drops their anchor three boat lengths in front of you!!

People are like sheep.

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