Maine: Part 1

Great Island, Maine

Following a redeye flight from San Francisco to JFK, and then an early morning flight to Portland, Maine we arrived back at Safe Harbor Great Island Marina and found Morpheus safely and patiently waiting for us on her mooring.

We had plans to meet John and Susan Callahan in several days, but first a long nap and then some boat prep was required before we set off the next morning.

Great Harbor to Boothbay

Our first stop was selected based on the fact that we returned to a boat with an empty icebox and pantry. Boothbay is a large, very safe harbor with many shops and stores available within walking distance.

We were able to reprovision the boat, and at the end of the day decided to take a chance on a waterfront restaurant Robinsons Wharf which was on the water and actually away rather than in town. It turned out to be a great casual find. Sort of reminded up of Sam’s Anchor Cafe in Tiburon, Ca. We ended up eating at the outdoor bar and met a couple that had been coming to that restaurant since childhood. We found a good one!! Highly recommend!

Boothbay to Tenants Harbor

The next morning dawned bright and clear and we set off on a 40nm journey to Tenants Harbor. What looked like a very routine trip when we left, turned into a real challenge when pee soup fog decided to descend upon us about halfway to our destination.

Thank goodness for modern navigation equipment. Between good charts, accurate gps, radar, and AIS beacons we were able to arrive safely. As we arrived in Tenants which is a long narrow harbor, we could see masts of boats moored in the harbor above the fog, but we couldn’t see the boats!!

Something to avoid in the future.

Tenants Harbor to North Haven Island

Once again, another straightforward day of travel turned very very interesting after our arrival in a small bay on North Haven island.

The entire northeast area had been dealing with an awful heatwave for the past two weeks and the afternoon after our arrival it was time for the heatwave to break.

Not long after our anchor was down we looked back in the direction that we’ve come from and huge black clouds were developing and heading our way. We put our radar in “weather mode” and could clearly see the rain within those clouds. Now, I love fresh water rinses onboard Morpheus but these clouds arrived with puffs of wind that exceeded 35 knots!!

Anyway, as Captain Ron famously says, “It’s just a squall, they come on you fast, and they leave you fast”

Within 30 minutes the sun was back out, the temperature was down, and the winds were gentle.

Thank goodness for a great anchor!!

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