Get Out Of The Water!!

How many of you recognize this beach from the movie jaws???

Lots going on during the last two weeks and I haven’t had time to post updates.

We are obviously back onboard Morpheus. Luckily we found her in better than expected shape after living through a tough New England winter.

But…as always there have been issues.

While motoring from Connecticut to Newport, RI, I noticed the oil pressure gauge at max! Oh boy, THAT could end the Summer before we even get started. I made an unscheduled stop at Fishers Island and did a quick oil and filter change, but no improvement. 😒. Luckily, I was able to borrow a mechanical pressure gauge once I got to Newport and my problem is a bad sensor, not high oil pressure!! 😀

Again, while motor sailing the last bit from Newport to Edgartown, I noticed that the batteries were not charging and smelled electrical smoke. 💨 My alternator regulator had tried to light the boat on fire🔥. Luckily, the fuse blew. 24 hours later and our spare regulator is installed and we are once again making electricity!!

Back to our travels…

We made it to Newport the day prior to the Bermuda Race start and we’re able to watch the boats set off from the lawn at Castle Hill with John and Susan Callahan.

Johnathan Livingston a long time friend from the Richmond Yacht Club sailed with Stan & Sally Honey and they took first place in division and overall!!

Right now we are in Edgartown on Martha’s Vineyard. Like so many of our trips, this was unplanned until the day prior. We noticed that Duncan & Laura Hennes AND California friends Doug & Margaret Jorgensen were visiting for a couple of days, so here we are!

Doug and Margaret are here on their brand new custom motor boat built and recently launched in Maine. (Pictures to follow)

Our visit also coincides with Edgartown Race Weekend. So, lots going on!!

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