Three Bridge Fiasco – 2022

Yes, this blog has been dormant for a while.

Deb and I decided to bail on our Caribbean plans and once again spend the winter dodging Covid while working on some home maintenance/improvement projects for our house in California.

(Just as an aside, my wife watches too much HGTV. Does anyone else have the problem?)

Anyway, I did take a break from house projects and pulled my Etchells out of storage to do the Three Bridge Fiasco.

For me, the name of the event proved to be even more appropriate this year than most!! My story below…

    •   Retrieve Etchells from storage lot ✅
    •   Spend two weeks doing repairs & maint ✅
    •   Trailer boat to RYC – rig, launch, and mast tune ✅
    •   Shop for breakfast bagels, coffee, sandwiches, water & beer ✅
    •   Prepare bagels, coffee, sandwiches, and drinks ✅
    •   Track down flashlight, running lights, horn, first aid kit and vhf ✅
    •   Load car the night before. ✅
    •   Wake up at 5am ✅
    •   Make more coffee and drive to boat. ✅
    •   Grab 2 jibs and the mainsail from the trailer…
      •     2 jibs ✅
      •     Why are there 3 jibs in the trailer bin?
      •     Where the &%@* is the mainsail?
    •   OH SHIT!!!!🤬😏😥😥


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