Land Cruising

Ready To Roll

Deb and I left Newport yesterday afternoon after staying with Kim Comfort and her husband Rocky for a few days.

Remember Kim from our Barbuda posts??

Well, she and Rocky have a great house right in Newport very near her parents (Lyn & Peggy) house.

We were able to catch up via “socially distant visits” with several friends and generally had a good time while resting up for our trip.

After a terrific brunch from Perro Salado, we left Newport yesterday at 2pm.

Our plan was to treat at least the first part of the drive like an offshore passage. Two hour shifts and as few stops as possible until we are west of Chicago.

It’s 10am and we just passed Chicago.

From here we are taking the northern route HWY 90/94.

We are thinking of going through Fargo. If we do we’ll keep our eyes open and see if we can find the money that Carl buried near the fence after killing Wade!


  1. the northern route! Does that mean you will be heading down the coast from Seattle and visiting the west coast Comfort?


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