Still here…


  • Still healthy but getting more concerned. Two weeks on from Memorial Day weekend and what do you know the daily infection rates are increasing throughout the South.
  • Charleston like so many other cities has been affected by protests and looting. Much of downtown is boarded up and we are under a 9pm curfew.
Downtown Charlestown
  • Our friends Lyn and Peggy Comfort (Kim’s parents) are heading north to spend the Summer in Newport. Their timing seems great as coronavirus case counts in Rhode Island are down significantly and trending even lower.
  • We celebrated Debs birthday two nights ago with JC and Susu Callahan by eating out at a restaurant with outdoor seating and proper social distancing. We forgot about the curfew, and got to “run from the police” when they pulled up to the corner and the waiter suggested that they were about to start ticketing everyone!!
  • I’ve found a local kite surfing spot but somehow can’t motivate myself to give it a try. It’s just not Barbuda…


  • I replaced our leaking hot water heater. Turns out it was leaking from corrosion around a weld. What should have been an easy replacement was made more difficult by the fact that the manufacturer had discontinued our 18 year old model and all current models have new dimensions. It took a few trips to Home Depot but we are one with hot water again!
  • On the opposite side of the temperature scale it’s been so hot and muggy here that we purchased a portable ac/dehumidifier unit for the boat. Very nice!! 🥶
  • On the trip north, Kim found a leak in her aft cabin. We were horrified! Morpheus doesn’t leak. It turned out to be coming from the traveler fittings. So…Deb and I pulled the traveler, cleaned everything spotless and then reinstalled with new sealant. No more leak!


  • Lyn Comfort invited me to join in some model boat racing behind his house this past Wednesday. It was really fun! Surprisingly like the real thing.


  • No significant changes
  • I take Deb to Ft Meyers in about a week.
  • As I drive back North I’ll pick up Chris in Jacksonville and he’ll join me onboard for the following 3-4 weeks until it’s time to haul the boat and go get Deb on July 15th.
  • Then we’ll road trip to California and get to work on our house!


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