Barbuda Day #24


Two additional cases of covid-19 reported. Both healthcare workers.

Total number of Covid-19 cases in Antigua/Barbuda = 21

Total number of Covid-19 cases in Barbuda = 0

16 boats remain in our anchorage

No new regulations


  • Debbie’s plan to order wine/beer from a shop in English Harbor, Antigua to be delivered to the Antigua – Barbuda ferry, and then picked up by “Inoch” the local owner of a currently closed Barbuda beach bar actually worked! Both Bounty and Morpheus are now set for the foreseeable future! American ingenuity!
  • Debs other plan, to disinfect and “debug” all bottles and cans before stowing onboard, was also a success. Not sure about the virus 🦠, but many bugs met their doom while floating behind Morpheus in mesh bags.
No more bugs!


  • Swimming
  • Paddle Boarding
  • Morpheus and Bounty crews gathered on the beach to watch the sunset and enjoy our new supplies.
  • We were joined by new Norwegian friends Andreas and Elisabeth who have also been here virus free for three weeks. I suspect we will see a bit more socializing as the days roll by. All boats in the anchorage have been here for at least three weeks.

New Records

  • Gibb is very proud of the fact that he has not worn shoes for three weeks!
  • Kim is pretty sure that the fact that she was still in her bathing suit at 830pm long after dinner is some sort of a record.


  1. Kia Ora Morpheus! Just checking on how other yachties are faring around the globe. We’re impressed with Debbie’s ingenuity in dealing with the booze crisis. Here in New Zealand since all liquor stores are non-essential and closed we have discovered the wonders of on-line spirits ordering. Glad to hear you guys are doing OK and able to (mostly) get what you need.


    1. Great to hear from you guys. I was wondering where you were. NZ? You’ve either been there a while or left and returned. It sounds like they have their Covid-19 act together down there. Hope you can stay for a while.

      It looks like we are here until weather and health conditions allow for a trip back to the northeast. I had planned to head you way on a friends boat, but plans have changed!

      Stay safe and thanks for checking in!


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