Barbuda Day 10

Things are definitely getting more serious here.

7 cases now up from 3 yesterday. All on Antigua. We are anchored off Barbuda.

Immigration/healthcare folks visited all boats in the anchorage today to check that we were healthy and properly cleared into the country.

The airport is closed. All hotels are closed including the one in front of us from which we were borrowing WiFi.

A nighttime curfew has just been announced.

And the most recent news is that Antigua/Barbuda is closing it’s borders to incoming yachts starting tomorrow.

All of this should make us even safer than we have been. My major concern will be watching to see how the locals react to all of this, and to see how they feel about those of us visiting on boats.

Stay safe everyone, this is a very unique time.


    1. Typically 90 days, but they have been extending that for others. I hope this does not become an issue, but the way things have been going who knows!

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